A Swedish Torch is a complete wood fire cut from a single log that burns from the inside out.

- Lights with one match

- Kiln dried for clean burn
  with little or no smoke

- Produces extraordinary heat

- Visually amazing

- All natural, made locally

Swedish Torches originated in Europe almost 400 years ago during the Thirty Years' War.
A Simple Idea - We love the outdoors. So we do our best to produce and distribute our product in a way that is environmentally friendly.
Our Wood Supply - Our wood is sourced from trees that have either fallen naturally, been felled responsibly or are part of professional harvesting programs with a replanting protocol.
Environmentally Safe - Our products are kiln dried to over 165 degrees Fahrenheit to help prevent the spread of invasive/non-native insects like pine bark beetles.
Giving Back - We donate product and $ to local and national conservation organizations.

Please enjoy our products safely.